Who We Are

Jesse Blazo, L.Ac., M.S.

Jesse takes a heart-centered approach to healing. A true supporter of each person’s ability to realize their life dreams, he first became interested in ancient healing arts while living in Thailand as an English teacher. After learning Qi Nei Zang (internal organ massage) and Thai Traditional Massage, he knew these valuable healing arts would forever change his life and the lives of those whom he would touch.

Since then, Jesse has studied Chinese medicine at PCOM Chicago and at Five Branches University in Santa Cruz. He has also studied in Hangzhou, China and continues study in Thailand and the US. In addition to a colorful ongoing education in acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine and nutrition, he dedicates much of his time to exploring the connections between music and medicine.

As an alternative to needle therapy, Jesse offers music-medicine treatments through a system of twelve tuning forks set to the natural vibrations of the body’s twelve primary acupuncture meridians. This is an excellent modality for those seeking an alternative to needles while receiving the benefits of acupuncture. He also offers personal lessons in music theory and guitar at his Lake Merritt home-space.

His approach in playing with clients is a holistic one, making sure whole lives are balanced (as opposed to just treating disease). Jesse has experience treating and helping people with digestive issues, chronic and acute pain, fatigue, fertility, cancer, menstrual issues, migraine headaches, depression, addiction, and spiritual-emotional growth.

Dan Eng, L.Ac., M.S.

Dan Eng, L.Ac., M.S.

Dan first came in contact with traditional Chinese healing arts through his background in ancient Chinese philosophy, culture and language, which he had studied at Harvard University. His interest in traditional Chinese food in particular prompted him to explore the rich natural healing traditions associated with both food and herbal medicine.

By the time Dan received his formal training at Pacific College of Oriental Medicine in Chicago and American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine in San Francisco, his interests had extended beyond herbal and dietary medicine to include acupuncture and massage as well. Now Dan holds a Master’s degree in traditional Chinese medicine, a California acupuncture license, and a certification in Chinese tui na massage. Besides private practice, he has also treated patients in several different community clinics, hospitals, and residential healthcare facilities.

Experience, study and careful observation have led Dan to appreciate deeply the uniqueness and incredible richness of thousands of years of healing wisdom, as well as the benefits it offers to those who are ready to receive. He enjoys using his skills and knowledge to share the fruits of these age-old traditions with people today, whether they are gravely ill or relatively healthy.

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